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From a country mainly importing technological goods, Vietnam is now gradually able to meet the domestic demand, as well as to provide for regional and world markets. COSMOS, with nearly 10 years of presence in the market, has contributed to promote Vietnam auxiliary industry to international customers with remarkable achievement.

The past journey has helped us to understand the fierce competition of market. Therefore, continuous improvement in productivity and product quality is the key for us to sustain credibility with customers. All of our products mustgo through a strictly controlled production process from material input, manufacturing and product inspection to ensure uniform quality throughout the time. QMS ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and EMS ISO 14001: 2015 have been implemented continuously improved in our company as a commitment to customers on creating product with quality and environmental friendliness.

COSMOS appreciates the valuable support from our customers and always strives,to become a trusted partners of renowned corporations in the field of automobile, motorcycle and electronics such as Honda Viet Nam, Goshi Thang Long Auto-Parts, Nissin Brake Viet Nam, Panasonic Viet Nam, etc.

Our current achievements are greatly attributed to the consistent contribution and hard work of our staff. We deeply understand that manpower is the core of present as well as future success. Thus, we have made continuous effort to improve the working conditions, benefits and standards of living of our employees.

With sincere thanks, we hope to receive the continuous support from our valuable customers, partners and all of company staff.


Company profile

- Business sector: Design / Manufacturing Molds, Precise Metal Part Manufacturing
- Established Year:: 2005
- Number of employees:: 1800 ++ (included 150 molding staff)
- Charter Capital (USD): 28,000,000
- Capital: 100% Private
- Revenues / year (USD): 50,000,000
- Customers: Honda Vietnam, Goshi Thanglong Vietnam, Nissin Brake Vietnam, Panasonic, Canon, ...
- Total factory area (m2): 74,000
- Address of Head Office: Khai Quang Industrial Park, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam
- Phone: (84) 211-372-1138
- Fax: (84) 211-384-7877
- Address Factory: Lot 9, Thuy Van industrial zone, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam
- Phone: (84) 210-399-4768
- Fax: (84) 210-399-1468
- Website:
- Email:

History and achievement

- 05/2005: Started a small factory in Vinh Phuc Province with 20 staff, main product is screw, small press parts

- 03/2007: Officially audited by Honda Vietnam and became supplier.

- 12/2008: The legal capital was up to 2 million USD and with nearly 300 workers.

- 04/2010: Achieved “Best Quality Award” from Honda.

- 04/2011:Opened Factory No2 in Phu Tho Province with 51,000 sqm area including 4 large workshops. The legal capital was increased to 15 million USD, the number of employees increased to 1,200 people.

- 04/2012: Achieved “Best quality Award” from Honda Vietnam "Best Supplier Award" from Goshi Thang Long Vietnam.

- 04/2013: Achieved "Outstanding Quality Supplier Award" from Honda Vietnam.

- 04/2014: Achieved "Outsatnding Delivery Supplier Award" from Honda Vietnam.

- 04/2015: Achieved "Best Supplier Award" from Honda Viet Nam.

- 04/2015: Achieved "Best Environmetal Award" from Honda Viet Nam.

- 04/2016: Achieved "The Environmetal Award" from Honda Viet Nam.

- 04/2016: Achieved "Best Quality Management Award" from Honda Viet Nam.

- 04/2016: Achieved "The Best supplier in Quality" from Nissin Brake Viet Nam.

- 04/2017: Become an official supplier of Toyota Vietnam company.

- 04/2017: Achieved "The Best Quality Management" from Honda Viet Nam.